Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Filters

'Rainy' Dual Intensity filters work at high efficiency regardless of the intensity of rainfall and have self-cleaning abilities. At nominal prices, our filters are market leaders in Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting.

ground water harvesting

Groundwater Recharging

We have developed a new method of groundwater recharge, called 'V-wire injection well' technology. This allows for the groundwater table to be replenished and thus abate water scarcity.


Systems & Solutions

Custom made solutions to suit your building or campus. Our expert engineers will help from design to execution of end to end Rain Water Harvesting solutions for your facility.

Rainwater harvesting system in India

Farmland Rain Water Harvesting Systems (FLRWHS), founded in 2002, aimed at end to end solutions for installations of rainwater harvesting systems including patented products and ongoing R&D.

  • ● Our mission statement is to conserve every drop of rainwater by using continuous innovation.
  • ● Giving back to nature and reducing our carbon footprint for a greener tomorrow is at the core of everything we do.
  • ● We are building scientifically engineered systems of Rain Water Harvesting, which will enable customers with economical, high quality and easy to maintain products.
  • ● We pride ourselves in having our own research facility, which has our Hydraulic Testing Lab equipped with the latest machinery.
  • ● Our widespread dealer network spanning over 11 countries with highly trained field service engineers are always available to solve every query.


Modern TechnologyModern Technology

'Rainy' filters are made with highly durable, food-grade material and have self cleaning capabilties to auto-flush out debris.

Dual Intensity FiltersDual Intensity Filters

Our filters work on the principle of cohesion & centrifugal force. This enables filtering at variable intensity of rainfall without affecting the efficiency.

No External Energy RequiredNo External Energy Required

Works on Gravitational Force and does not require any external energy. Low gravitational head of just 1 feet makes it feasible for installation on any building.

rainwater filter

Easy InstallationEasy Installation

360 degree union rotation capability make these filters suitable for any site conditions. Easily wall mounted, self installable with easy to understand instructions make it user friendly.

Wide RangeWide Range

Various models available to suit rooftop areas ranging from 110 sqm to 500 sqm. The collected water can be diverted to underground sump, existing borewell or other water reservoirs.

Cost Effective & AffordableCost Effective & Affordable

'Rainy' filters have no moving parts, eliminating any wear and tear. This makes them long lasting with only one time economical purchase cost.

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groundwater recharging can be achieved by

Groundwater Recharging

‘V-wire injection well' technology is used to recharge groundwater source and replenish the water table. Run off rainwater is made to pass into a silt trap through a channel and then to an injection well. Here, it goes through multiple filtration media and is eventually passed on to a specially designed storage well. The storage well has dual non clogging V-Wire screens attached to a percolator pipe. The clean water is then made to percolate into deep layers of the earth's strata, ultimately recharging the groundwater source and replenishing the water table.

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