• 2002
    rain water harvesting projects

    'Rainy' Research & Manufacturing Founded

    The first experiments of indirect groundwater recharge, as a method to solve water scarcity led to the invention of ‘Injection Well Technology’. This was tested on the founders’ farm and resulted in successful borewell recharge and continous water yield. Thus, FLRWH was born and the news of the success story spread far and wide.

  • 2003
    rainwater harvesting filter

    First Turnkey Project

    Our first major project was carried out with IFFCO for the benefit of farmers in Kolar. Through this initiative, 650 borewells were successfully recharged. While this turnkey project was underway, we saw an increase in demand for rooftop rainwater harvesting. To cater to this demand we introduced SS304 candle type rainwater harvesting filter.

  • 2004
    Expansion of Network

    Expansion of Network

    In order to cater to a larger customer base and with a broader mission to conserve water, we enabled a large dealership network across the globe. Currently we have expanded to over 131 dealers across India, and export our filters to over 9 countries and we are continuing to grow.

  • 2005
    rainwater harvesting system

    Launch of 'Rainy' Filters

    Conventional RWH filters available in the market had multiple drawbacks including clogging & frequent maintenance. To overcome these obstacles, a highly efficient, vertical inlet RWH filter with open ended drain outlet was discovered. This was our first attempt at unconventional rooftop RWH filters.

  • 2007
    Self-Cleaning Rainy

    Self-Cleaning 'Rainy' RWH Filter Launched

    After rigorous R&D, we developed a new model of 'Rainy' filters, which possessed horizontal inlet with self-cleaning mechanism. This made the filter more efficient and two models to suit different rooftop areas were launched.

  • 2011
    rain water harvesting filtration

    Four New Models of Dual Intensity 'Rainy' Filters Introduced

    To cater to growing demands for cost effective filters, we introduced 4 new models of 'Rainy' Filters. An added advantage was the development of dual intensity mechanism with auto flush out, which enabled high efficiency filtration for variable intensity of rainfall.

  • 2016
    rain water harvesting projects

    'Rainy' Research & Manufacturing

    We established our in house research & manufacturing site at Hadihalli in Chikmagalur. This houses state of the art hydraulic testing labs, live demonstration facility, education centre and manufacturing unit. A unique, completely sustainable facility dedicated to rain water conservation and innovation to mitigate climate change.

  • 2020
    rain water harvesting filtration

    New products launched, FL-80 and FL-150

    As a result of rigorous R&D and unique manufacturing techniques, we achieved superior price-performance ratio. FL-80 and FL-150 were launched, these filters are Cost-effective while delivering strong performance and promising durability. The new filters paved a way for high-quality products at affordable prices, making it an instant success.

  • 2022
    groundwater recharging can be achieved by

    Segmented Concrete Rings Launched

    Innovative segmented concrete rings were introduced to replace the conventional concrete rings. Segmented rings created a revolution in the construction industry by enabling ease of transport and handling. A production plant was set up featuring high –tech machinery for significantly improving quality while ensuring high production speed.

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